The Future of Secure Traceability

Monolith Security Corporation (“Monolith”) has developed a solution that combines a Physically Unclonable Function (PUF), advanced 3D image scanning, and a state-of-the-art asset tracking capability to provide customers with “cradle-to-grave” secure traceability of their most valuable assets.  Monolith’s solution provides authentication, validation, and traceability of high value parts, components, and units.  This machine-based system for marking and optical scanning can be implemented easily into the manufacturing or distribution phase of a wide variety of products and components.

Monolith’s solution is designed for almost any type of hard or semi-ridged component such as electronic integrated circuits and their assemblies, as well as machined, stamped, or molded parts.  The process starts with each item being marked with a unique PUF, and that mark or “fingerprint” is then scanned and registered into a secure and access-limited permanent database.

Once a product or a component is marked, scanned, and registered, it can now be easily validated and tracked at each point throughout the supply chain and even remotely in the field.  Each Monolith PUF is comprised of individually unique properties.  Each PUF is mathematically and physically impossible to replicate, ensuring valid authentication at each point in the supply chain, from cradle-to-grave.

This process was initially developed as a solution to the Electronic Counterfeit Component epidemic that is an ever-escalating issue in the semiconductor world.  During development it was quickly realized that there are many more products and industries that are being handicapped by similar issues, and that the same technology can be used to create a lifetime authentication and traceability process across a myriad of applications, parts, and industries.  Countless industries such as Aerospace, Medical Devices, Firearms, Ammunition, and Defense all have a tremendous need to validate the source and authenticity of items and assemblies in their supply chains to prevent counterfeit parts from entering their supply systems.

Monolith security Corp.

The Monolith process will allow for individually manufactured or sourced components to be linked together into assemblies, and then to be traced either individually as a component or collectively as an assembly.  Monolith also provides the ability for an item to be registered as “Disposed” or “Out of Compliance.”  This assures that any attempt to recycle a part for the means of obtaining a valid PUF or to resell an invalid part will be immediately exposed.

Monolith’s ability to validate the authenticity of an item throughout its many potential stops along a manufacturing supply chain absolutely cannot be undervalued.  Because there are multiple points of entry where counterfeit or substitute parts may potentially enter the supply chain, Monolith’s technology is essential to validating these critical assets at each point of entry.  The Monolith approach provides a solution to these problems by creating a means of lifecycle traceability, and a timeline of an item’s progression throughout the manufacturing, warehousing, assembly, installation, and final disposition of a product.

Monolith delivers the technology to take traceability and validation into the future.  Gone are the days of paper-based validation and traceability.  Only through Monolith’s secure and robust manufacturing and supply chain applications can the integrity of the manufacturers be assured. Monolith is the future of secure traceability.  The future starts now.

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